Q: Why would I want to sell my items on in Japan?

A: Because some items command a higher price in Japan. For instance, a plush toy, doll, or pair of 1980's fashion jeans which might be common in the United States or Europe could be very rare in Japan, and therefore can be sold for more there, perhaps quite a bit more. This makes it very worthwhile to market them to Japanese buyers.

Q: What are the Celga fees for selling items on Japanese auction sites?

A: We charge a flat 20% which includes all insertion and final value fees.

Q: What are Yahoo Japan's auction fees?

A: Yahoo Japan charges 10.50 yen insertion fee per auction plus 5% of the auction's final value. These are included in the Celga fees above. Please note that these may change without notice.

Q: What are Mbok's auction fees?

A: At this time Mbok is not charging sellers any fees. Please note that this may change without notice.

Q: Can you sell my items on another site other than Yahoo Japan or Mbok?

A: We're sorry, but at this time we offer selling services through Yahoo Japan and Mbok auctions only.

Q: What do I need to provide to Celga for you to sell my items for me?

A: We need you to send us the following:

  1. The items you would like us to auction on your behalf. You are responsible for packing them properly and paying the international shipping and insurance costs, and any customs fees that the Japanese customs office may charge us to receive them. We cannot take responsibility for any damage the postal service does to your items, so we highly recommend sending them via an insured method.
  2. Which auction web site you would like us to sell them on.
  3. At least one good digital photo or scan of each item. We can include up to 3 pictures (500k or less in size) hosted on the auction site itself. If the pictures are hosted elsewhere, more can be included; if you're using external hosting, you only need to send us the URLs of the pictures!
  4. A short title for each auction.
  5. A brief description of each item to be auctioned.
  6. A link to the auction category you would like for it to be listed in.
  7. Each auction's minimum bid, plus the Buy It Now price if you want to set one. Please make sure you understand how the Buy It Now feature works on Yahoo Japan so you can decide if you want to use it!

We will translate all the information into Japanese and list the item for you!

Q: Where should I send my items?

A: We strongly recommend that you use an insured and trackable method to send your items to us. Please send to:

Celga, JAPAN Ltd.,
96-1 Miyoshi,
Okayama city, Okayama

phone: 090-9466-9433

Q: Why do I have to send you my items before they're listed or sold?

A: Japanese buyers expect auctions to be fulfilled as quickly as possible and we can send the items in a timely manner only if we already have them in hand. Japanese buyers also will not accept the wait or the risks of international shipment, which are not an issue if we already have the item.

We also need to inspect the item to make sure it has arrived without damage and is in the condition specified in the auction listing. Having the item on hand also allows us to answer any questions from potential bidders quickly and accurately!

Q: How soon after you receive my items and all their information will my items be listed?

A: We try to list items within 7 days after we receive them and all their required information. During especially busy times this may take longer; please (contactus)contact us if you have any concerns about timing!

Q: How will I be paid after the auction has ended?

A: We will pay you the auction proceeds, less the Celga fee, by Paypal. You can also choose to have your auction proceeds held in your account for any future purchases through Celga.

Q: How long will it take to receive my auction proceeds after the auction ends?

A: Please allow us a minimum of two weeks after your item is sold to send your money to you.

Q: Can I use the proceeds from selling my items towards my Celga balance?

A: You sure can! Just let us know you'd like to do so and we'll take care of the rest.

Q: What happens if my item doesn't sell on Yahoo Japan?

A: Yahoo Japan has a feature that allows items to be automatically relisted without paying an additional insertion fee. We will enable this for your item so it will be on auction continuously until it sells.

If you would like your item returned to you, we will be happy to pack it up and ship it back to you. Please understand that our (shipfaq)regular international shipping and handling fees will apply. You will still be charged the basic Celga fee and the Yahoo Japan which apply whether the item sells or not.

Q: What happens if my item doesn't sell on Mbok?

A: We will relist the item on Mbok for you until it does sell.

If you would like your item returned to you, we will be happy to pack it up and ship it back to you. Please understand that our (shipfaq)regular international shipping and handling fees will apply. You will still be charged the basic Celga fee and any Mbok insertion fees which may apply whether the item sells or not.

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