SHIPPING UPDATE! - oreosmommy

Surface shipping is now Ok to the US. However, we don't recommend it for fragile items.
JPPS is still saying that they will "soon" resume taking EMS packages to the USA, but as of now they are not taking them and have no date for when they will.

$1 = 96 yen - oreosmommy

$1 = 97 yen - oreosmommy

SHIPPING UPDATE! - oreosmommy

JPPS has notified us that EMS service to the USA will resume "soon". They do not have a date yet but they are preparing.
As for our Italian customers, shipping to Italy has now resumed. We will ship all the pending packed packages to Italy in the next few days. We will update as this situation changes.

$1 = 98 yen - oreosmommy

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