Q: What are Mbok auctions?

A: Mbok is Moba OKU, a Japanese auction site which, while you can browse the
auctions on your computer, requires you to sign up and bid with a Japanese cell phone.
But you don't need to worry about that Celga will bid for you on these auctions just like
any other Japanese auction site!

Q: What does the full URL of an Mbok auction look like?

A: If you are using the (mboksearch)Mbok searches on the Celga website, you don't
need to worry about finding the URL! Whenever you use the "bid on this auction" button
it will take you to our (bidrequest)bid request form with the item's URL already filled
in for you! And it will fill in your personal information all you need to do is decide how
much you want to bid before sending it to us!

If you're searching Mbok auctions another way, Mbok auction URLs are of the form :
http://www.mbok.jp/_i?i=xxxxxxxx, where "xxxxxxxx" is the auction number. The
auction number can be found in the middle of the left information box in the middle of
the auction. (Please see our (mbokauctionpage)Mbok auction page graphic for an

Or if you're not viewing the auctions through a translator, just copy and paste the entire
URL from your browser's navigation bar!

Q: Do Mbok auctions offer proxy bidding?

A: Yes, Mbok auctions offer proxy bidding. You can find a detailed
(bidproxy)explanation of how proxy bidding works in our (bidfaq)general bidding

Q: Can I retract my bid on a Mbok auction?

A: No. We're sorry, but like most Japanese auction sites, Mbok provides no way to retract
a bid once it's been placed. Once your bid has been placed on the auction, you will be
required to honor it.

If your bid has not yet been placed, you may (bidcancel)request a bid cancellation, but
we will need to review and accept this before you may consider your bid request
cancelled. Bid cancellations are at Celga's sole discretion.

Q: Why did my Mbok auction still keep running after it was supposed to

A: Like other Japanese auction sites, Mbok offers an auction extension feature to sellers.
If a seller chooses to use this feature, any bid placed within the last 5 minutes of an
auction's scheduled ending time will extend that end time for 5 more minutes.

Q: Why did my Mbok auction end before it was supposed to?

A: Like other Japanese auction sites, Mbok offers an "end auction early" feature to
sellers. If a seller chooses to end their auction early, we cannot do anything to change the

Since we routinely place customers' bids closer to the end of auctions, if you would like
to have your bid placed earlier to avoid such issues, please tell us on your (bidrequest)bid
request and we'll do our best to place your bid as soon as possible!
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