Celga, Inc. ("Celga" or "we") is a deputy service for obtaining items for our customers (you) from Japanese businesses which may not sell directly to those who do not reside in Japan. We are not legally or financially associated in any way with any of the auction sites, web sites, or businesses from which we may obtain items on the behalf of our customers.

When you contract with Celga to bid on an auction or purchase an item from a web site, you are hiring Celga as your agent to act on your behalf. Celga charges a fee for this service which covers the cost of our efforts; you are also responsible for the purchase price of any and all items, all shipping charges, and any other costs Celga incurs while obtaining the items you request.

Since Celga is not the actual seller of any items offered on Japanese web sites, we cannot, do not, and will not guarantee anything about any item advertised. You understand that when you send us a request to bid on an auction or purchase an item you do so solely at your own risk, and you agree to hold Celga faultless for any issues with the item.

The only items for which Celga will assume any responsibility whatsoever are those that we may offer for direct sale on our own web site, www.celga.com, or via auction sites such as Ebay, where the items will be clearly marked as being offered directly by Celga.

Should there be an issue with an item sold by someone other than Celga, we will work with you and the seller to the limit of Japanese law to attempt to remedy the situation. However, as Japanese laws concerning fraud differ from those of other countries, we cannot guarantee that we can resolve the situation or recover any of your money which we spent on your behalf at your direction. You understand and accept that you bear the full financial risk in any transaction. We strongly encourage our customers to shop wisely and carefully.

Once Celga has obtained an item for you, we will email you an invoice. You agree to pay that invoice in a timely manner, generally in 14 calendar days from receipt unless other arrangements have been previously approved. If your account is in arrears, you understand that we may take any and all legal means available to collect the money you owe us, including turning your account over to a collection agency. You also understand that you will be liable for (genpenalties)late payment fines in addition to any amount owed. If, after 60 days, we have not received payment from you, you understand that all items become the property of Celga, Inc. and you will forfeit any payments that you may have already sent towards the amount owed on these goods.

We cannot guarantee any delivery time frame from the seller for any item that we have purchased on your behalf. We cannot guarantee shipping time from our Japanese warehouse to you because of the variability of the international postal services. If you request items which cannot be sent from Celga by an insured postal service, or you choose to have your items sent by a non-insured method, you understand that you bear the entire risk should the item be lost or damaged in transit. You agree Celga will not be held liable for or reimburse any losses due to shipping damage; all losses will be covered by insurance settlements only.

Celga reserves the right to refuse any request to bid on any item or purchase any item at any time.

In order to set up a basic account with Celga, we require certain information that can identify you personally, such as your name and address. We use that information and protect it as specified in our (privacypolicy)privacy policy. We also require a deposit in advance of taking any action on your behalf so we may pay the sellers in a timely fashion. Celga reserves the right to change the amount of deposit required or even waive this requirement completely at our sole discretion.

While Celga will protect the privacy and security of your information to the limits of our ability, you understand that you are ultimately responsible for the security of your password and account. If you believe there are any issues with the security of your account or your password it is your responsibility to notify Celga as soon as possible; if you fail to do so, you may be held liable for any and all items purchased or bids requested via your account and any losses we may incur.

Customers who request a (goldfaq)Celga Gold account also must agree to the (goldaccountagreement)Celga Gold Account User Agreement.

If we discover at any time that you have provided false information, you agree that Celga may return any deposit you may have on account less the amount you owe Celga for current transactions, and sever our business relationship at our sole discretion and with no advance notice. We reserve the right to require a copy of your legal identification or other documents to confirm the information you provided during account registration at any time.

You are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of your contact information. If we are unable to email invoices or unable to contact you because your information is not correct or is out of date, you understand that you will still be liable for the any amount you owe us and it will still be due in the time frame stated, plus any late fees that may be applied.

By requesting a Celga account, you agree to and accept this agreement and all the (genfees)fees and (faq)policies listed on this site. If you have any questions at all about anything concerning our services, please (contactus)contact us.

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