Have you ever thought about selling your stuff on Yahoo Japan or Mbok auctions? Celga can help!

Many items command much higher prices in Japan because while they may be common here, they could be rare and hard to get overseas. Or you may have items that appeal more to Japanese buyers than those at home. Why not list them on Yahoo Japan or Mbok auctions, the auction sites which reach the largest number of Japanese buyers? When you use Celga as your selling agent, language and payment are no longer a problem; our native Japanese staff will handle all that for you!

For Celga customers in good standing who'd like to sell items on Yahoo Japan or Mbok, here's what we'll need from you:

That's it! We'll take care of translating your auction, listing it in the correct category, receiving payment, and shipping your items to their new owner!

For all this we charge only 20% of the final value, which includes insertion and final value auction fees (Yahoo Japan currently charges 10.50 yen per auction plus 5% of the final value, Mbok does not currently charge sellers any fees but this may change in the future).

If you're ready to sell to a whole new market, please check out our (sellfaq)selling FAQ for more details on our services. If you have any questions, please feel free to (contactus)contact us at any time.

And if you're ready to sell your items through us, we have an (sellrequrest)online form to make it easy to send us all your information!

Commercial sellers: Celga welcomes inquiries from professional retailers about selling your products through the Japanese online marketplaces! Please (contactus)contact us to discuss how we can help you expand your business to a whole new customer base!

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