Celga Inc. ("Celga or "we") offers an account type called "Celga Gold" which allows customers (you) to have exclusive use of a Yahoo Japan bidding account and place their bids directly. This Celga Gold Account User Agreement is in addition to our (useragreement)User Agreement which also applies to all our customers using Celga Gold accounts (Celga Gold customers).

When your application for a Celga Gold account is approved, we provide you with a unique bidding account on Yahoo Japan auctions for your personal and exclusive use. In order to do this we require that you provide us with a valid credit card to which all your auction wins and any account fees assessed by Yahoo Japan will be charged. We may provide your credit card information to Yahoo Japan so that they may charge your card directly for any account fees. We also may provide Yahoo Japan with other pieces of your personal information, such as your address, as required to establish the Yahoo Japan bidding account. You agree to this transfer of information and understand that your information will then be covered by Yahoo Japan's privacy policy, which may be different from ours, and that we do not assume any responsibility for any issues that may arise out of those differences.

You understand that you will be directly responsible for any monthly fees Yahoo Japan charges for your bidding account. Celga has no control over these fees, when they are charged, or any changes Yahoo Japan chooses to make to them.

You bear the sole responsibility for ensuring that your credit card information on file is up to date and valid at all times.

Since you will be placing your bids on Yahoo Japan auctions directly without any assistance or intervention from Celga, you understand that you bear the sole responsibility for determining what is offered in any auction and if your bid is reasonable. You are also responsible for understanding (yjfaq)how Yahoo Japan auctions work and following Yahoo Japan's guidelines and policies.

You understand that the Yahoo Japan auction web site does not permit bid retractions and does not provide any mechanism for retracting a bid. You agree that you bear the sole responsibility for ensuring your bid is for the correct amount, and for checking and correcting any errors such as incorrect orders of magnitude before the bid is submitted. Once you have submitted your bid, you understand your bid is a binding contract, and you assume sole and full responsibility for honoring that bid without limits. You understand that Celga will not contact the seller to request a release from your bid under any circumstances.

You bear the sole responsibility for the security of your Celga Gold Yahoo Japan account password. You understand you will be liable for any and all bids made via your account. If you learn of any security issues concerning your account, it is your responsibility to notify Celga immediately; you may still be responsible for any bids made via your account before Celga has been notified and any losses we may incur because of them.

You understand that your Celga Gold account is provided for your exclusive use but Celga retains ownership of that account. Celga Gold accounts or their use may not be sold, bartered, rented, reassigned, or in any way transferred to any other person or organization. If you cancel your Celga Gold account, we will update the Yahoo Japan bidding account so that your personal information is no longer associated with it in any way. Celga reserves the right to reassign inactive or canceled Celga Gold Yahoo Japan accounts.

You understand that Celga Gold accounts are for use on the Yahoo Japan auction site only. We do not offer Celga Gold accounts for any other auction site or website. All requests for bids or purchases from other auction sites or websites must be made through our regular processes.

Celga will automatically handle all auctions won via a Celga Gold account as we handle auctions through our regular accounts, with no intervention required from you. All the usual Celga costs and fees will still apply, and you will still be responsible for them.

We reserve the right to terminate or suspend any Celga Gold account for any reason at any time with no advance notice.

By requesting a Celga Gold account, you agree to and accept this agreement and all the (genfees)fees and (faq)policies listed on this site. If you have any questions at all about our services, please (contactus)contact us.

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